Oversized Prints

Holy Trinity Icon Studio offers oversized prints at affordable prices in addition to our selection of standard sizes. Whether you're ordering an icon suited for use in a new iconostasis or printing posters, our studio can ship high-fidelity prints on quality materials suitable for your needs. Our prices are as follows:

Paper print: $25/square foot
Laminated print: $28/square foot
Mounted and laminated print: $50/square foot
Canvas print: $30/square foot
Lacquered canvas print: $33/square foot
Mounted and lacquered canvas print: $60/square foot

To place an order, just send an email to iconstudio@jordanville.org. Please include: the specific name of the icon you would like printed (or an image file of your print), the length of the print's longest side, and the material you would like the image printed on. We will also need details regarding your shipping address, billing address, contact information, and payment info in order to complete your order.