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Do we forgive our neighbors their trespasses? God also forgives us in His mercy. Do we refuse to forgive? God, too, will refuse to forgive us. As we treat our neighbors, so also does God treat us. The forgiveness, then, of your sins or unforgiveness, and hence also your salvation or destruction, depend on you yourself, man. For without forgiveness of sins there is no salvation. You can see for yourself how terrible it is.

St. Tikhon of Zadonsk

Blessed is he who always has before his eyes that "the earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof" (Ps. 23:1), and keeps in mind that God is powerful to arrange for His servants as is pleasing to Him.

St. Barsanuphius 
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Icons of the  Martyrs

All Saints of Russia

Forty holy martyrs of Sebastia

Holy Martyrs of Yuriev Estonia (English)

Seven Sleepers of Ephesus 1

Seven Sleepers of Ephesus 2

St. Adrian and Natalie

St. Agnia

St. Alexander of Neva Constantine the Equal to Apostles Daria and Matrona

St. Alexander of Rome 1

St. Alexander of Rome 2

St. Alexander of Rome 3

St. Alexandra Empress 1

St. Alexandra Empress 2

St. Alexandra Empress 3

St. Alexandra Empress 4

St. Alexandra Tzaritza 1

St. Alexandra Tzaritza 2

St. Alexis Prince 1

St. Alexis Prince 2

St. Alexis Prince 3

St. Anastasia Princess

St. Anastasia Releaser from Bonds 1

St. Anastasia Releaser from Bonds 2

St. Anastasia Releaser from Bonds 3 (English)

St. Anastasia the Roman

St. Andronik of Perm

St. Anna

St. Antonina

St. Artemios (Greek)

St. Athanasius of Brest

St. Bacchus

St. Barbara 1

St. Barbara 2

St. Barbara 3

St. Basil New Martyr

St. Basil of Kineshensk

St. Benjamin of Petrograd 1

St. Benjamin of Petrograd 2

St. Boniface

St. Boris and St. Gleb 1

St. Boris and St. Gleb 2

St. Boris and St. Gleb 3

St. Boris and St. Gleb 4

St. Catherine 1

St. Catherine 2

St. Catherine 3

St. Catherine 4 (English)

St. Chariessa (English)

St. Christina

St. Christopher 1

St. Christopher 2 (English)

St. Chrysa Zlata

St. Claudia

St. Conon

St. Constantine Prince of Smolensk

St. Cyprian (Greek)

St. Cyprian and St. Justina (Greek)

St. Daria and St. Mary Magdalene

St. Dimitry 1

St. Dimitry 2

St. Dimitry 3

St. Dimitry 4 (Greek)

St. Dimitry Tsarevich of Russia

St. Dismus the Wise Thief

St. Edward King of England

St. Elizabeth and St. Barbara 1

St. Elizabeth and St. Barbara 2

St. Elizabeth Princess 1

St. Elizabeth Princess 1A

St. Elizabeth Princess 2

St. Elizabeth Princess 3

St. Elizabeth Princess 4

St. Elizabeth Princess 5

St. Eustath

St. Evdokia (Greek)

St. Feodor of Volokolamsk

St. Filofeya

St. Flor and St. Laurus

St. Gabriel

St. Galina

St. Genevieve of Paris

St. George 1

St. George 2

St. George 3

St. George 4 (Greek)

St. George 5

St. George 6

St. George 7

St. George 8

St. George 9 (English)

St. Guri

St. Hieromartyr Patrick

St. Hilarion 1

St. Hilarion 2

St. Ignatius

St. Ilaria

St. Irene 1

St. Irene 2

St. Irene 3

St. John of Riga 1

St. John of Riga 2

St. John of Riga 3

St. John St. Anthony and St. Estava the Great

St. John Vostorgov

St. Joseph of Petrograd

St. Juliana 1

St. Juliana 2 (English)

St. Kalissa

St. Kyrill of Kazan

St. Larissa

St. Lawrence of Rome (English)

St. Leonid 1

St. Leonid 2

St. Leontios (Greek)

St. Livia

St. Lucy 1 (English)

St. Lucy 2

St. Ludmila 1

St. Ludmila 2

St. Lydia 1

St. Lydia 2

St. Maria Princess

St. Marina 1

St. Marina 2

St. Markella bishop of Sicily

St. Matrona

St. Maxim Sandovich

St. Menas the Egyptian (Greek)

St. Mercurius (Greek)

St. Michael Edlinski

St. Mina of Alexandria

St. Natalie

St. Nicholas of Sofinski

St. Nicholas Tzar 1

St. Nicholas Tzar 2

St. Nicholas Tzar 3

St. Nicholas Tzar 4

St. Nicholas Tzar 5

St. Nicholas Tzar 7

St. Nika

St. Nikifor

St. Nikita

St. Olga Princess

St. Panteleimon 1

St. Panteleimon 2

St. Panteleimon 3

St. Panteleimon 4

St. Paraskeva 1 (Greek)

St. Paraskeva 2

St. Paraskeva 3

St. Patrick Hieromartyr

St. Paula

St. Peter of Krutitsky

St. Peter the Aleut (English)

St. Phanury

St. Photini (English)

St. Royal Family 1

St. Royal Family 2

St. Royal Family 3

St. Royal Family 4

St. Royal Family 5

St. Sebastian (Greek)

St. Seraphim

St. Seraphim of Zagorov

St. Sofia and daughters 1

St. Sofia and daughters 2

St. Stephen 1

St. Stephen 2

St. Tatiana

St. Tatiana Princess

St. Theodore of Tiron 1

St. Theodore of Tiron 2 (Greek)

St. Theodore Stratelates 1

St. Theodore Stratelates 2 (Greek)

St. Theodore Stratelates 3 (Greek)

St. Timothy of Esphyr

St. Tryphon 1

St. Tryphon 2

St. Vadim 1

St. Vadim 2

St. Valentine

St. Valery (Greek)

St. Varus (English)

St. Veronica

St. Viacheslav Prince

St. Viacheslav Prince and St. Irene

St. Victor 1

St. Victor 2

St. Victor 3 (Greek)

St. Victorin of Petrograd

St. Vitaly

St. Vladimir of Kiev

St. Vladimir of Ostrov

St. Zinaida

Synaxis of New Martyrs of Russia 1

Synaxis of New Martyrs of Russia 2
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