Custom Prints

In addition to printing and mounting Orthodox icons, our icon studio provides services for printing, laminating, and mounting custom images at custom sizes.

To place a custom order with us, please contact us by email or phone: (315)-858-2535

We can even edit existing images (including icons) in order to produce new custom images for printing and mounting. Our price scale differs for custom orders, however, so please contact us if you would like details concerning requests. 

Gold leaf must be quoted per icon as each case will differ in time and resources required to fill the order. 

If the order requires editing of the images to prepare them for printing, computer time will be charged as a line item on the invoice. 

If you wish to place an order by email, please include the following information:

        1. Full name of each icon on our site (including the number at the end of the name).
        2. The size of each icon.
        3. The preparation type of each icon.
        4. Your full name and billing address.
        5. The full name and shipping address of whom you would like to send your order to. 
        6. Your daytime phone number.
        7. Please include any other special requests or instructions as well.